Youth Soccer Camps & Coaching

We specialize in high level coach education and player development for soccer.

At Adeptico, we use a RESEARCH and ANALYSIS-BASED COACHING approach. This means that unlike many of our competitors, we don't guess how to most effectively develop youth soccer players. All of our methods – from our tactical, technical, and game intelligence (often called 'soccer iq') youth soccer camps to our soccer coaching courses and coaching plans - are derived from the scientific analysis of soccer, and from the methods of top European professional teams.

Adeptico offers fun, competitive, high-energy week-long youth soccer camps aimed at U12-U19 players advancing their technical and tactical skills for all game situations. We also offer advanced soccer coaching development classes in match analysis, game intelligence and developing systems of play.

Soccer as Art and Science: The Adeptico Way

We have three concepts that are the foundation for all that we do:

1: It's either research and analysis based coaching or it's guesswork!

Sport and Exercise Science has revolutionized soccer training and coaching techniques. Through this science we now know how to:
  • (a) tailor fitness training to the exact demands of the game,
  • (b) identify and understand the difference between the tactics of successful and unsuccessful teams,
  • (c)  prepare the specific talents needed to be successful in soccer, and
  • (d) identify and measure game intelligence (soccer iq) in developing players.
Our research and analysis based methods for our youth soccer camps in the summer and coaching classes revolve around the philosophy that unless you have really analyzed the game of soccer, you are guessing how to comprehensively educate coaches and develop players.
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2: Soccer players must be developed from the top-down

Soccer coaches have spent decades drilling children to become technically proficient players. But the part of the brain that controls motor skill is just one small piece of the whole player.  We believe technical training and development should be supplemented by the cognitive education of the player in relation to decision making, game intelligence, tactical understanding and anticipation.
Adeptico helps youth soccer players to reach expertise through a carefully designed curriculum, intelligent coaching and detailed, meaningful feedback in an environment that is fun for players of all ages. We specialize in coaching the things that set players apart from their peers.
This includes:
 > tactical knowledge,
 > spatial awareness,
(e.g. recognizing, creating and utilizing open space)
 > decision making,
 > anticipation and
 > good technique.

We don’t coach specific game situations; We do coach deep and flexible tactical knowledge that can be applied to all the changing tactical problems that players will encounter in the game.
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3: Educating Coaches is as important as developing players

Quality of coaching is a defining factor in creating expert players. At Adeptico we work directly with coaches to help them reach their potential, offering specialized coaching education classes for match analysis, coaching plans, style and methods, and especially coaching for game intelligence. more...

The Adeptico Team

Adeptico’s methods and curriculum are designed by Dr. Robert Horn. Dr. Horn has worked in match analysis for the English FA, analyzing English Premiership and international soccer games. He has published 16 articles in coaching journals on topics such as:

  • The development of soccer skills from age 4 to adulthood
  • Teaching skills to young players
  • Match analysis of successful international teams
  • Coaching soccer skills in the real context of the game
  • The Relative Age Effect in US Club Soccer

Dr. Horn also has over 12 scholarly papers related to skill learning and attention. He is a professor in Exercise Science at Montclair State University - and is currently publishing two books on game intelligence in soccer. Working with Dr. Horn is a team of highly experienced trainers, educators, athletic trainers and exercise scientists.

Adeptico Soccer is based in Highland Lakes, NJ, and has been operating our soccer camps and coaching education courses in Central New Jersey and Maryland since 2007. This summer, we expanded our camps and courses to Eastern Pennsylvania (Bucks County), and will be offering additional youth soccer camps and coaching clinics to more ICSL and DELCO League clubs in the summer and fall of 2012.

For more information about Adeptico camps and classes, please call 1.973.670.3432 or e-mail:

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